Swag?  Yes, we have swag!  You may not be able to thumb your nose at I.A.T.S.E like we did, but now you can dress like we do, which might be good enough!  These shirts are high quality, machine washable cotton, navy blue with our logo embroidered in gold (I know the shirt is black in the picture - it's mine and I don't have any blue ones here right now.  Trust me - the blue is cool.)  Click on the shirt for a bigger image.

How can you get one of these ипотека на дом, you ask?  Simply send a check for $20.00 ($15 for the shirt and $5 to send it) made out "I.T.E.A Local 1", to Carol Benzo, 1906 Sunset Ave., Utica, NY  13501.  Be sure to let us know where to send the shirt!  Alternatively, you can wait until you get to town - we always have a few at the theater for our friends who want to extend their time between laundry runs.

How can you tell if a Stagehand is dead?
The doughnut rolls out of his hand.

Two Sound Engineers are walking past a bar...
Hey - it could happen!

How do you end up with a million dollars in the Sound and Lighting business?
Start with 2 million!

Signs You've Been in the Theater Too Long:

Your weekend consists of Monday, and only Monday...
National holidays that fall on Monday seem pointless to you...
You can only read from a light that is blue...
You can't remember what daylight looks like...
You know tie-line has several uses---shoelaces, belts, ponytail holders...
95% of your wardrobe is black...
You know anything can be fixed with gaff tape...
"Practical" and "flat" are nouns...

What do you call an electrician with a hammer?

How tall is the average union electrician?
Don't know. Never seen one stand up.

What's the difference between a sound guy and God?
God doesn't think he's a sound guy.




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